Club History

The club was formed in 1954 It had no assets beyond an enthusiastic membership,a store of community goodwill and the guidance and help of some other bowling Clubs.

The members were nearly all rookie bowlers,there was no Clubhouse and very little money.The early funds came from street stalls run by the Ladies auxiliary,there was also some very generous donations from local businesses.

The first Clubhouse was a modest timber building erected by Campbelltown Council staff and was officially opened by Phillip Healey the President of Royal New South Wales Bowling Association on the 16th June 1957.

The clubs first green came into play around the same time as the official opening of the clubhouse and the greens were funded by loan funds and established by the Campbelltown Council.

Despite the vital outside help it received, the club would not have survived without a high degree of self help from the members and their wives. Members sowed and maintained the greens, served behind the bar and carried out all manner of jobs to save the club money.

A Few Club Highlights Over 50 Years
  • In 1954 the Club had a credit balance of 534 pounds but the Treasurer Dave Richards warned that the club owed 550 Pounds to the Chief Secretary’s Department within 14 days and that there was no room for complacency.
  • In 1960 Ken Fowler was the club greenkeeper, part time Barman, Bowls Secretary and Committeeman
  • In 1960 the club won it’s first Pennant Flag, taking out the STDBA Number 4 Grade
  • In July 1961 the club set aside 1000 Pounds towards building a second green
  • The clubs second green was opened in 1963 and Reg Greeves was the Greenkeeper
  • In October 1963 the credit balance was 4,535 pounds and tenders were called for a extension to the Clubhouse
  • In 1966 patrons saw beer prices increased from 10 pence to 12 pence for a 7oz. glass
  • The Clubhouse extensions were completed in Decenber 1969 and the members held a working bee to paint the Clubhouse
  • In 1972 the Club became a registered Cooperative and tenders were called for lighting of the two greens for night Bowls.
  • In 1989 the club opened its third green.
  • In 2004 the Ingleburn Bowling Club celebrated it’s Golden Jubilee.