Only $12 and available for Lunch from 11:30am - 2:30pm Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy your choice of: 

  • Fish & Chips
  • Roast Of The Day
  • Cheeseburger & Chips
  • Curried School Prawns Or Chicken With Rice
  • Satay Chicken Or Beef With Rice
  • Mongolian Beef With Rice
  • Sweet & Sour Pork With Rice
  • Honey Chicken With Rice
  • Beef Black Bean Sauce With Rice

(M) = Member (V) = Visitor


Steakhouse Chips
(M) $6.00  (V) $8.00 
Potato Wedges with sweet chilli & sour cream
(M) $8.00  (V) $10.00 
Spring Rolls (4) sweet & sour sauce
(M) $7.50  (V) $9.50 
Garlic Bread (4)
(M) $7.50  (V) $9.50
Cheesy Galic Bread
(M) $9.50  (V) $11.50
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
(M) $6.00  (V) $8.00


Beef Black Bean Sauce With Rice
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Mongolian Beef with rice
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Satay Chicken or Beef With Rice
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Teriyaki Chicken With Rice
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Honey Chicken With Rice
(M) $15.00 (V) $17.00
Sweet and Sour Pork
(M) $15.00 (V) $17.00
Curry cooked School Prawns With Rice
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Garlic King Prawns With Rice
(M) $19.00 (V) $21.00
Chilli King Prawns With Rice
(M) $19.00 (V) $21.00
Stirfry King Prawn Vegetable with Rice
(M) $19.00 (V) $21.00                 
Combination Chow Mein (Crispy noodle)
(M) $18.00 (V) $20.00
Special Fried Rice (king prawn, chicken, beef)
(M) $18.00 (V) $20.00 
Fried Rice (ham, peas ,egg, cook school prawn
(M) $10.00 (V) $12.00
Change Boiled rice for egg Fried Rice add $1.50


Chicken Schnitzel with Chips & salad
(M) $18.00 (V) $20.00
250G Scotch Fillet with chips & salad
(M) $25.00 (V) $27.00
Lamb Shanks with mash & Veg
(M) $17.00 (V) $19.00
Grilled Barramundi with chips & salad
(M) $19.00 (V) $21.00
Beer Battered Fish and Chips with salad, lemon, tartare sauce
(M) $16.00 (V) $18.00
Angus Beef Burger & Chips 
Angus beef patty ,lettuce,tomato, cucumber, choice of tomato or barbecue sauce
(M) $13.00 (V) $15.00  
Roast of the day 
Small (M) $14.00 (V) $16.00 
 (M) $17.00 (V) $19.00 


Chicken Nuggets & Chips
(M) $8.50 (V) $10.50
Fish Cocktails & Chips
(M) $8.50 (V) $10.50
Calamari and Chips
(M) $8.50 (V) $10.50


Gravy $1.50 
Pepper sauce $2.00     
Dianne sauce $2.00   
Mushroom sauce $2.00  
Extra slice of cheese $1.50
Egg $2.00
Vegetables $3.00
Mash potato $5.00
Garden Salad $6.00                                                  


The NSW Government has launched Dine & Discover NSW to encourage the community to get out and about, supporting dining, arts and tourism businesses.

Ingleburn Bowling Club is still a participating NSW registered businesses and are accepting dine & discover vouchers 7 days a week.

Come on in and enjoy delicious meals with family and friends, get back out and discover!

Please note: The vouchers can’t be used on public holidays. Vouchers must be presented to Ingleburn Bowling Club staff members for redemption. At this stage we are only accepting Dine & Discover vouchers in our Bistro.

If you have not yet applied for your Dine & Discover vouchers, please do so by clicking here